domenica 5 dicembre 2010

From NY to Portimão

Poche storie: se potete correte in Portogallo a Portimão a vedere la mostra di Klaus, architetto, vignettista e sopraffine osservatore del mondo blasonato dell'Architettura con la A maiuscola.

La mostra, aperta fino al 26 dicembre, è policentrica e concepita in modo da dialogare con la città e lo spazio urbano.
Tutte le informazioni sul blog di Klaus qui e qui, da dove traggo e riporto quanto segue:


The exhibition Klaus.Toon: From New York to Portimão, which will be displayed in Portimão from November 26 to December 26, 2010, has been conceived as a mixture between a traditional gallery-enclosed exhibition and a piece of guerrilla-art, where the cartoons make part of a performance where art and city interact.

Organised in a threefold structure, that starts at the Teatro TEMPO, with another vertex at the Praça da República and a third meeting point in Bar Porta Velha (Travessa Manuel Dias Barão) the aim of the exhibition is to turn the streets of Portimão’s old centre into a gallery space by displaying the rest of the works on the shop windows of different stores located in Rua Direita, Rua Diogo Tomé, Alameda da República and Rua Vasco da Gama.

Following this logics of interaction the Ordem dos Arquitectos – Delegação Algarve launches a photographic marathon where we invite everyone to record the different situations fostered by the presence of the exhibition in the street. We are looking for pictures that depict the funny, weird, surprising or just casual interactions between people and the exhibition, but also pictures of the cartoons themselves, either in isolation or in context, series of pictures, or whatever other ideas the photographers want to show.

The photos will be uploaded on a Klaustoon’s Flickr account, and a selection of them will be shown in Klaustoon’s Blog. Also, the best photos will be awarded a cartoon of their choice once the exhibition is over.

We want your photos! Please, send them to

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